By aligning shared services and user-centered design, YFC is revolutionizing the way nonprofits serve our communities.

What We Do

We Share Services

YFC is a regional platform that streamlines administrative functions and fund development to deliver greater value per donated dollar. But, in addition to providing greater efficiency, YFC also delivers holistic support to the whole person.

We Are Centered On The User

The challenges faced by youth and families are generally interconnected. For example, the same young person who is confronting violence in the home is statistically more likely to also face drug and alcohol problems, truancy, or teen pregnancy. Excellent nonprofits are addressing each of these challenges, but traditionally they operate in silos, cooperation is ad hoc and difficult, and youth and families already shouldering significant burdens, are forced to navigate a maze of separate organizations. We believe an umbrella organization is needed to manage, refer, and counsel people within a responsive wraparound system. It is fundamental to their success. YFC will maximize social impact by integrating separate service providers.

Collective Effort = Collective Impact

Dozens of nonprofits, grantors, public agencies, and other institutions have already pledged to join or support this collective, leading the next generation of youth and family services.


For the youth and families in distressed neighborhoods, the collective will be an interface for all the different services available – a single cohesive team dedicated to solving problems.

For grantors and other funders, the collective will be a single point of contact and accountability, simplifying the task of making grant and donation awards, and a more efficient and responsive allocation of resources.


And for the nonprofits, our collective is a “plug-and-play” platform which gets back-office necessities out of the way so civic entrepreneurs can focus their time and energy on their mission, and not on administrative work.